The Scientific Publishing Ecosystem: Mapping Contributions, Investments & Rewards

In March 2019, during the London Book Fair, Outsell Inc. and Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Inc. hosted an invitation-only roundtable program under the banner of “Open Dialogue: The Key to Advancing Scholarly Communications.” Its goal: to facilitate a strategic discussion among key stakeholders across the globe — publishers, institutions, funders, policymakers, authors/researchers, and service providers — about emerging models to advance scholarly communications in an environment fraught with friction.

One outcome of the program was a shared sense that attendees lack a common understanding of one another’s participation in that environment: the investments, activities, challenges, and opportunities faced by key stakeholders. In particular, there was a feeling that if the reward systems, both implicit and explicit, that underpinned the scholarly communications weren’t understood, it would be harder to create the fundamental change necessary to thrive longer-term.

To solve this, help create transparency, and support more collaborative dialogue within the scientific publishing ecosystem, Outsell and CCC decided to create a map of the scientific publishing process, detailing the actions, investments, rewards, and challenges faced by each key stakeholder group. The goal was not to construct a new, ideal process but rather to reflect today’s common language and understanding of each stakeholder. This document and the map that accompanies it are the result of that effort. They will be the basis through which to advance further understanding and dialogue and will be discussed at another by-invitation event focused on improving our understanding of the ecosystem.

Download the Map of the Scientific Publishing Ecosystem

Outsell Inc. The Scientific Publishing Ecosystem