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Co-Chair, Outsell's Leadership Programs
As Co-Chair of Outsell's Leadership Programs, David Worlock uses his extensive information industry experience to support Outsell’s strategy and business objectives worldwide. He manages Outsell’s Leadership Councils in the US and Europe, a member service for CEOs and senior executives of media publishing and information provider firms. A respected thought leader, David is also Chairman of Business Information Industry Association (BIIA), and he speaks frequently at industry conferences and advises clients worldwide. He founded Electronic Publishing Services Ltd. (EPS) in 1985, a research and consultancy company working with the digital content industry in developing strategies for products and markets in consumer and business sectors. Outsell acquired EPS in 2006.


  • Comparative strategies of information industry players
  • Information industry trends and issues
  • CEO-level research and opinions
  • Company, market, and competitive trends
  • Education and training information
  • Scientific, technical and medical information
  • Legal, tax and regulatory information
  • News providers and publishers


  • Electronic Publishing Services Ltd. (EPS)
  • EUROLEX (Thomson Corporation)
  • Non-Executive Director, Dorling Kindersley; Book Data; Fish4
  • Chairman, Digital Content Forum
  • Chairman, European Information Industry Association


David received his degree in History from the University of Cambridge.