Outsell Inc. Tatiana Khayrullina

Tatiana Khayrullina

Director & Lead Analyst, Scientific and Technical Solutions


In her role as Director & Lead Analyst Scientific and Technical Solutions, Tatiana covers Outsell’s research and analysis in the scientific and technical journals, standards development, geophysical, and health information products and services markets.

She draws from her extensive experience in a range of advisory roles with a major North American standards development organization and certification company to identify trends, rank market players and assess growth opportunities in this diverse sector. Tatiana’s background is in market intelligence and strategic assessment, with many years of hands- on experience in primary market research, evaluation of innovative technologies and facilitation of strategy development for various stakeholder groups.


  • Market analysis, segmentation, opportunity evaluation
  • Needs assessment and feasibility studies, development of business cases and business plans
  • Strategy development through the application of carefully crafted market intelligence
  • Design, execution and interpretation of primary market research
  • Deriving meaning from data, visualizing quantitative data to maximize insights
  • Standards development industry and processes
  • Testing and certification industry competitive landscape in North America and globally


BA in English and German from Ulyanovsk Pedagogical University

American Institute of Business and Economics in Moscow—MBA track

University of Toronto – courses in Competitive Intelligence, Statistical Analysis and Project Management

Certificate in Big Data Analytics from the McMaster University, Hamilton – expected in 2020


Linkedin: Tatiana Khayrullina

Phone: +1 437-370-1808

More About Tatiana

Power Breakfast

Nothing beats poached eggs + avocado toast. And a good espresso.

Favorite Trip

Coffee growing region of Colombia. It is magical to the point of feeling surreal. Hard to believe it is still on planet Earth.

First Job

I painted posters of cartoon characters for a kindergarten

Activities Outside of Work

More reading! I also like to bike and ski, depending on the season. Love theatre and tourism, both cultural and hiking.

Favorite Authors

Vladimir Nabokov

Gabriel García Márquez

Iris Murdock

Jorge Luis Borges