Published by on April 29, 2000
New aggregators of market research, such as and, are revolutionizing the way that market research is distributed electronically. At the same time, there is increased interest in using the Internet for finding market research on the Web. This Briefing takes an in-depth look at how market research is produced, and some of the strengths and weaknesses of the various...
Published by on February 29, 2000
Traditional librarian position descriptions no longer adequately articulate the leadership roles, skills, knowledge and deliverables required of today's corporate information professional. This Briefing provides an overview of trends, a position description template, and several examples of position descriptions that match today's changing roles.
Published by on January 31, 2000
The information industry is broadening its definition of what constitutes content to include personalized advice and analysis from topical experts. This Briefing profiles several expert networks available to professionals, researchers and consumers for consultations on a wide range of topics.
Published by Outsell Client Services on January 31, 2000
Identifies $6 billion in private capital - both venture and private equity capital - received by education companies between 1990 and 1999. In addition, forecasts that total private investment in 2000 will approach $4 billion, largely supported by Internet-based education companies.
Published by on December 31, 1999
The first of a series of market sizings for segments within the content market, this Briefing identifies the Market Research players, how they rank in size relative to each other, and key trends in the market. Implications of those trends for both buyers and sellers of this type of content are also presented.
Published by on August 12, 1999
As companies enter phase 3 of Intranet development, integrating external content directly into the Intranet, it's increasingly evident that there is no simple solution for seamless integration of external and internal content.
Published by on July 29, 1999
Part 1 of our two-part Briefing on desktop products for the STM market focuses on the key market drivers, which include the historical influence of the vendors, scientific end user perceptions and behaviors toward information products, and industry and buyer responses to the current market.
Published by on May 31, 1999
This Briefing presents Outsell's proprietary loyalty model. If the marketing of information products is to become more sophisticated, vendors will have to establish methods for measuring and sustaining the loyalty that their customers feel for their products. Our loyalty model describes the components of customer loyalty and this Briefing provides a blueprint for a loyalty strategy. Issues...
Published by Louise Garnett on April 29, 1999
This Briefing is important not only to the vendors of information products, but also to corporate content buying centers responsible for meeting the needs of their internal customers. As content becomes available to virtually everyone, success for content providers is largely a result of target marketing. Marketing 101 provides a framework for how to approach marketing, as well as specific...
Published by on March 31, 1999
The information professional is in the middle of the change from centralized to a decentralized access to information within an organization. From a role as information intermediary, the info pro is expanding into other roles: buying and selling content, creating value-added research, educating users, and making content more available with technology. This Briefing presents results of Outsell's...
Published by on February 28, 1999
The concept of a functional group of users (FGU) is a cornerstone of Outsell's analysis of the information industry. This Briefing presents the concept of the FGU, with specific examples of FGUs. We also discuss products that serve them, as examples of offerings that fit the needs of specific FGUs, and the attributes that determine their use of information.
Published by on January 31, 1999
In our monthly Briefings, and in our electronic e-brief every week, we try to identify some of the new companies and products that are doing the things that create successful information products. This Briefing describes nine 'virtues' that innovative content companies display, and analyzes 14 companies that are demonstrating those virtues in action.
Published by David Curle on December 31, 1998
Part I of this Briefing identified major process issues facing companies that roll out desktop information products to end users. Part II identified some of the leading players in the field of business information services for end users, then analyzed the positioning and marketing challenges, plus strategies for each type of product. Now Part III evaluates the products identified in Part II...