The extension of your library or information management team. 

Designed for: Librarians, Information Management Executives, and Content Managers

With a track record of supporting more than 3,000 executives, Outsell’s Information Management Community is a 24/7 solution to your industry analysis needs. With direct access to Outsell’s analyst team, thought-leading research, comprehensive industry data, and community engagement, Outsell provides a powerful solution for turning complexity into clarity and helping you make the right strategic decisions.

As an information management executive, you’re tasked with ensuring that your users have the right information in the right place at the right time — no small feat in our rapidly evolving industry. We’re the extension of your team that’s here to help.

What does the Information Management Community do?

We understand the stack of challenges you're up against:


  • How do I optimize my function’s budget and spend on the right vendor portfolio?
  • How do I respond to vendor and product consolidation?
  • What are other information managers doing about evolving vendor pricing policies?
  • How do I innovate my content and services to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies and user expectations?
  • How do I provide value to my organization in a new data-driven environment?
  • Which trends and industry suppliers should I pay attention to?
  • What new technologies are going to alter my work in the next five years?

Outsell’s Information Management Council is a peer-to-peer community that provides you with the data, advisory, and tools required to keep pace with industry change, deliver measurable ROI, and add tangible value for your function while making the right decisions for your institution, end-users, and clients.

Membership Includes

  • Peer-to-peer community, including online discussion forum and monthly video council meetings.
  • Direct access to Outsell analysts, expert thought leaders with a deep expertise of analytics, vendors, and sectors.
  • Outsell research, including fact-based analysis of critical industry events and trends in the market.
  • Essential vendor evaluations to help optimize your content portfolio and spending.
  • Information management metrics, best practices, and benchmarks to that enable your operations to develop strategies and seize the right opportunities.
  • ROI tools to measure the value and performance of your organization’s resources.
  • Registration to Outsell’s DataMoney Conference, our exclusive event for monetizing your data assets.
  • Exclusive meeting for members during the DataMoney Conference.
  • Custom research and consulting with preferred investment levels on your projects.


In addition to library coverage, you can select segments based on your vendor portfolio interest:

  • B2B Trade & Business Information & Company Information

  • Education Content, EdTech & Human Capital Management

  • Finance, Credit & Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Information Management & Library

  • Legal & Regulatory & Governance Risk & Compliance

  • Media & Marketing

  • Scientific, Technical & Medical Information

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