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In 2015, financial technology, or fintech, received nearly $15 billion in global investments. In 2016, funding slowed due to uncertainties around Brexit and the US presidential election. The economy, however, remains robust heading into 2017, and fintech development is likely to regain steam.

Outsell’s Fintech Rankings: Identifying the Winners and Those at Risk report looks at key areas of fintech development, including advanced data analytics/artificial intelligence (AI), the blockchain, and robo financial advisory. The impact these three areas of innovation have on the greater information industry is significant, prompting the importance of better understanding the fintech market and what new opportunities lie ahead.

This report covers both the emerging and “veteran” companies driving these technologies as well as the investors and management teams backing research and development efforts. Outsell also identifies the key performance metrics among these companies, uncovers their degree of disruption on the financial services industry, as well as the challenges they face.

Table of contents

Why This Topic


Market Landscape

    Key Players

Investment Criteria

FinTech Ranking

    Scoring Criteria

    Five Highest Scorers: Profiles

    Five Lowest Scorers: Profiles

Key Trends and Market Drivers

    Potential Market Challenges

Essential Actions

Related Research



Table 1. Types of Venture Capital Financing

Table 2: Data Analytics/AI/Investment Discovery

Table 3: Blockchain

Table 4: Robo Financial Advisory

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