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A transformation of the legal profession is currently taking place across the world, driven by economic pressures, technology, and an emerging generation of millennial professionals. This transformation is having a knock-on effect on legal and regulatory solution providers, a market that Outsell estimates to be worth over $22 billion and that has experienced relatively low growth over the last five years.

Legal and Regulatory Professionals Buyer Profile examines different types of buyers of legal information and software and highlights unexpected disparities across the world among legal professionals.

This report outlines the essential actions for information providers serving the legal market in order to know their customers’ evolving behaviours and demands. Once they have identified them, information providers can strategically react and work towards achieving new growth.

Table of contents

Why This Topic?


Types of Legal Information Buyers

    Legal Consumers

    Sole Practitioners

    Small Law Firms

    Mid-Sized Law Firms

    Large Law Firms

    In-House Legal Departments

Law Firm Structure

    Information Consumption

    Critical External Information

    Obstacles to Getting External Information

    Device Usage

    Sharing Content

Geographic Markets



    Asia Pacific

    Latin America

Top Law Firms by Revenue

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Figures & Tables

Figure 1: Combined Revenue, Big Four Accountancy vs. Top 100 Global Law Firms, 2015 (Billions)

Figure 2. Law Firm Hierarchy

Figure 3. Top Categories of Information Relied on by Lawyers for Work

Figure 4. Legal Professionals’ Biggest Obstacles to Getting Information

Figure 5. Top 5 US States With the Most Attorneys

Figure 6. Five EU Member States With the Most Lawyers, 2015

Table 1. Top 10 Global Law Firms by Gross Revenue, 2015

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Asia Pacific
Latin America
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Market Report
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