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As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) move into professional learning markets, the potential for disruption is undeniable. Outsell’s new report, MOOCs and Professional Learning, predicts that this disruption will have a greater impact on UI/UX than on revenues, with MOOC providers forecast to account for less than 1% of the corporate learning market.
The MOOCs and Professional Learning report forecasts the impact of MOOCs, as well as the opportunities and risks for corporate learning providers and for the MOOC players looking to enter this market. The report also investigates whether the free, yet high quality courses from reputable MOOC providers poses a significant competitive threat to existing players.
What’s ahead for this market? The entrance of MOOCs not only changes the dynamics of the professional training market, but also the market’s expectations of e-learning services. Two major MOOC providers, Udacity and Coursera, have already launched solutions built around their MOOC platforms that deliver certifiable accredited courses for professional learners.

Table of contents

Why This Topic?


A Brief History of MOOCs

      MOOCs and Professional Training

      Business Models

Market Size and Forecast

      Impact of MOOCs on the Professional Training Market

      Future of MOOCs in Corporate Learning

Competitive Landscape

      10 to Watch

Opportunities and Threats for Commercial Providers of Corporate Learning

Essential Actions

Related Research


Tables & Figures

Table 1: The MOOC Market and Its Involvement in Professional Training

Figure 1: MOOC Revenues and Percent from Corporate Training

Figure 2: MOOCs as a Proportion of the Corporate Training Market

Table 2: Top Ten MOOC Providers in Corporate Learning

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