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Randy Giusto

VP & Lead Analyst


As VP & Lead Analyst, Randy Giusto covers digital media, advertising and marketing technology, marketing and IT research, and the news industry. Core topics include omnichannel marketing and advertising across TV, digital, mobile, and social channels, distributed content, emerging research and analytics methodologies. Randy provides guidance to C-suite executives and their teams by identifying media content, research, and advertising trends, disruptive technologies and business models, and emerging tools. He assists clients in their strategic efforts to show how advances in media, advertising, and omnichannel marketing are leading to broader audience reach, highly targeted content and advertising, and increased viewership, attribution, acquisition and loyalty.


  • Marketing needs and strategies
  • Digital, mobile, and social technologies and platforms
  • Adtech and martech
  • Customer path to purchase
  • Content, video, and app usage
  • Retail analytics and beacons
  • Innovation, ideation, concept testing, and optimization
  • Product launch and development


Randy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Cleveland State University, with a major in marketing and a minor in advertising.


  • Nielsen
  •  Ipsos
  • IDC
  • Compaq


Linkedin: Randy Giusto

Phone: +1(925) 790-1112

Twitter: @randygiusto

More About Randy

Activities Outside of Work

Cycling, hiking, and kayaking

Power Meal

BBQ! Texas style, and real chili with no beans

London, New York, San Francisco, and Boston

Favorite Cities

Hong Kong, Geneva, Barcelona, San Francisco, and Boston

First Car

My dad’s 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Coupe, which I totaled

First Job

Selling peanuts in the stands at the circus that visited my high school

Favorite Authors

Harlan Ellison, Sebastian Junger, H.P. Lovecraft, Jon Krakauer, and David McCulloch