The State of Blockchain in the Information Industry

Author: Will Jan

Date: November 26, 2019


The hype surrounding blockchain has cooled for much of the data, information, and analytics industry, yet its promise still holds. So, while cryptocurrency-fueled startups may be a thing of the past, blockchain-enabled data providers remain very real. As is typical of emerging technologies, when the attention on them dissipates, it is time for the real work and adoption to begin.

This report examines how blockchain is being utilized across the industry today, uncovering the leading use cases and what lessons they provide for all participants. It offers guidance, including recommended actions, to participants in this industry in areas where they may face opportunities or disruptions. Critically, it indicates the segments where blockchain utilization is most mature versus those where it is in a nascent state, allowing participants to decide if they are early, on-time, or late in adopting blockchain.



This analysis began with a thorough review of Outsell’s existing intellectual property on the topic. This was followed by substantive secondary research, including company briefings, to ensure that the study had context in terms of what has already been published about the state of blockchain innovation and development relevant to publishing and data-intensive information businesses.

These research briefings included not only blockchain solution providers (vendors helping companies implement and deploy blockchain) but also companies in the data, information, and analytics space that are deploying blockchain or have yet to deploy it.


Table of Contents

Why This Topic

What Does Blockchain Do for the Data, Information, and Analytics Industry?


Blockchain Adoption Today

Key Blockchain Technology Suppliers

Implications for the Data, Information, and Analytics Industry

Essential Actions

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Tables

Table 1: Blockchain Maturity Map for the Data, Information, and Analytics Industry

Table 2: Blockchain Suppliers within the Data, Information, and Analytics Industry


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