The Scholarly Collaboration Network Landscape


Author: Jo McShea

Date: February 6, 2017


Collaboration amongst researchers is an integral and essential part of the scholarly research process. As technology develops and the research community becomes increasingly globalized, the means of collaborating with research colleagues adapts, too. Collaboration amongst researchers is now simpler, quicker, and more immediate than ever before. The range and breadth of services and solutions enabling and supporting collaboration is enormous, and the market is highly fragmented and faceted.

Outsell’s report, The Scholarly Collaboration Network Landscape, examines the types of collaborations that are occurring amongst researchers and the range of services supporting those behaviours. This report also highlights market-leading players. These leading players include,, ResearchGate, Mendeley, AAAS, and Center for Open Science, amongst others.

In an ever-increasing digital scholarly universe, with the growth of the Open movement and with the growth of Scholarly Collaborative Networks (SCNs), it has never been so easy or so accepted to share documents for the purposes of collaboration amongst peers across the research workflow. This space is still in its early adopter phase of development. This report will help you stay on top of current market trends and challenges and provides a series of next-step actions to consider when looking to maximize opportunities in this space.

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Market Overview

How do Researchers Currently Use Collaboration Services?

Market Drivers, Challenges, and Future Prospects

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Figure 1: Scientific Research Workflow

Figure 2: The Research Collaboration Landscape

Table 1: Usage of Key Research Collaboration Services


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