The Outsell Information Industry Outlook 2022

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Author: Ned May

Date: October 15, 2021



Last year, we opened this analysis by declaring that the pandemic would become the defining catalyst of the Digital Revolution. We stand by that statement today and now direct our focus toward what’s next. In particular, how will the world emerge from that moment of radical change? And, just as important, at what pace will the resulting reorder occur?

This year’s Outsell Annual Information Industry Outlook addresses those questions and much more. Most importantly, it hones in on the practical steps that leaders across the data, information, and analytics industry can take today despite near-term uncertainty in the geopolitical, economic, climate, and health environment — not to mention the constant drumbeat of change that comes to our industry via technology. Making good decisions is harder than ever today yet more essential than ever as well. We believe that leaders today operating across the industry cannot and must not wait for the outcomes of these challenges to be settled. We recognize that we all operate in times of extreme ambiguity and our job is to provide certainty in uncertain times. Therefore, our meta-theme for 2022 is Moving Beyond Ambiguity, and the Outlook this year focuses on how best to navigate the days, months, and years ahead.

Market Definition and Methodology

Outsell invests millions of dollars each year in analyzing all sectors of the industry. We cover the sectors and players that drive growth in the business of data, information, and analytics and the metrics needed to run these businesses. In doing so, we track the convergence of all forms of content, data, software, services, and platforms in 30 segments and cover over 12,500 firms within these segments (and increasing daily). We provide coverage of major announcements, and we benchmark growth, revenue, market share, business model mix, and a host of other important operating metrics.

We developed our Outsell 50 Emerging Companies to Watch with a rigorous methodology. We scored these emerging companies on criteria that include uniqueness of approach, alignment with market need, ability to scale, and overall growth potential.

We couple our supply-side analysis with a demand-side perspective, conducting original research among marketers, advertisers, enterprise information buyers, and both professional and consumer end-users, so we can follow the money and track and forecast spending trends.

We also survey industry CEOs and members of the Outsell Leadership Community to measure sentiment on an array of topics. We combine this fact-based underpinning with our daily dialogue with decision-makers and our 24+ years of tracking and analyzing the industry. Finally, our analytical team convenes to discuss and debate the forecasts, trends, and leading firms to watch.

Last year, amid the pandemic, we aggressively built a new platform bringing together participants in our communities of practitioners alongside our market insight and expert partner network so that intelligence, inquiry, and community are integrated for faster decision support. All this has powered our analysis here.


Table of Contents

Why This Topic


Outsell’s 2022 Meta-Theme: Moving Beyond Ambiguity

Critical Trends Across Data, Information, and Analytics

Customer Trends

Industry Growth and Performance

Media, Marketing, and Analytics

Education, Training, and Human Capital Management

Financial, Credit, GRC, and Tax & Accounting

Legal & Regulatory Solutions

Science, Technology, and Healthcare

50 Companies to Watch

CEO Sentiment

Essential Actions

Meet the Outsell Team

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