The Millennial Mandate and the Future of Work

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Date: January 27, 2017


One of the biggest challenges CEOs cite is the ability to source and sustain talent, which is reflected in the dizzying number of surveys and reports focused on millennials. Thirty years ago, William Strauss and Neil Howe coined the term “millennials” for today’s rising generation of talent, but it has only been in the past few years that companies have found themselves befuddled when attempting to determine what captivates and motivates the generation that will come to dominate the workforce in the coming decades.

Outsell’s report by Dr. Adrienne Corn, The Millennial Mandate and the Future of Work, provides clear understanding about the generational talent shift and its importance. It examines the key drivers in this space, opportunities, and the future of work.

Having a broad understanding of who millennials are and what motivates them then piques the question: In what ways do these values impact organizations with multigenerational workforces? Download this report for practical approaches to address the changes happening due to the rise of the millennial workforce as contextualized within the current business environment.

Outsell Inc. The Millennial Mandate and the Future of Work

Table of Contents

Why This Topic?

What About the Millennials?

Key Driver: Values

Key Driver: Technology

Key Driver: Education

What’s the Problem? The Talent Shift and Organizational Impact

Values at Work: “Work to Live”

Values at Work: Flat Structure

Values at Work: Community

Values at Work: Purpose

Values at Work: Learning & Development

Values at Work: Positive Reinforcement

Millennial Talent at Work: Revisiting the Case Studies

Impact of Generational Misalignment

The Future of Work: Agile Talent Alignment

Unbounded Flexibility

Double-Sided Analytics

Gigs and Full Time Work

Relational, Not Transactional

Fostering Change

Key Points

Essential Actions

Appendix: Definitions


Figure 1: Changing Numbers of Generational Workers

Figure 2: Millennial Values

Figure 3: Organizational Paradigm Shift Required for a Millennial Workforce

Figure 4: Negative Impact of Constant Millennial Turnover

Figure. 5: Traditional Organization vs. Agile Talent Aligned (ATA) Organization

Figure 6: Types of Agile Talent Aligned (ATA) Organizations

Figure 7: Scaffolding Culture Change

Figure 8: Talent: C-Level Myopia


Table 1: Millennial Values at Work


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