The Last Mile: Outsell Sales Lead Response Ranking 2017


Author: Leigh Watson Healy & Donald Best

Date: Oct. 18, 2017


Companies in the global data and information industry invest millions of dollars in adtech, martech, and CRM solutions to serve up leads for sales. But are they dropping the ball in the “last mile?”

To uncover the realities of sales lead response, Outsell analyzed 36 leading data and information companies spread across seven segments. The results could be better.

The Last Mile: Outsell Sales Lead Response Ranking 2017 uses data from research conducted by our analysts following our specific criteria and metrics. This is essential reading to compete, win sales, improve market share, and deliver sales, all of which we measure in this report and advise on how to improve.

Download this report to learn more about how leading information industry firms are doing and the essential actions executives need to take to better take advantage of inbound leads.



Why This Topic


Data Collection and Scoring Criteria

Our Findings: Sales Lead Responsiveness Performance

Overall Sales Lead Response Performance

How the 36 Firms Stack Up by Cohort

Beyond the Metrics: Mystery Shoppers’ Experiences

Website Experiences

Sales Toll-Free Phone Number Experiences

The Marketing and Sales ROI Gap

Essential Actions

Related Research


About the Authors

Figures & Tables

Table 1. Overall Sales Lead Responsiveness Rankings

Table 2. Sales Lead Response Performance by Cohort

Figure 1. Effectiveness of Marketing Venues for Branding and Lead Generation

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