The Future of Data-Driven Construction


Author: Michael Balsam

Date: June 30, 2016



The way information is ingested, shared, and analyzed across the construction project lifecycle is broken, with time-based costs representing a primary construction industry driver. Increasingly, widespread convergence of data, software, and services stands to expand transparency across the construction value chain, resulting in end-to-end project visibility and greater productivity. How can data-driven solutions support the current and future information needs of this massive industry?

The Future of Data-Driven Construction identifies the size and share of the market and the sources of data the market uses along with their potential innovation. It also defines the construction value chain and market dynamics and highlights companies to watch, including Flux Factory, FieldLens, 4Tell Solutions, Trimble, DAQRI, Skycatch, and Redpoint Positioning.

Changing dynamics in data innovation impact all stakeholders, creating opportunities for expanded roles and revenue for those who successfully connect the data dots. This report is a must-read for mapping strategies to the future of data-driven construction.

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