STM Platform Providers

Author: Tatiana Khayrullina

Date: April 9, 2020


As the impact of COVID-19 rapidly spread around the globe, STM publishers rushed to make their relevant content freely available and to expedite the publication of related research, highlighting their publishing platforms and their ability to adapt and scale. This report focuses on the leading publishing platform providers in the STM sector, their current offerings and future roadmap, and how well they are positioned. We analyze these activities in the context of publishing requirements and point out how best to maximize opportunities in the space.


Outsell conducted interviews from October to December 2019 with both publishing platform providers and the information providers themselves. On the supply side, interviewees included representatives from 67 Bricks, Atypon, CCC Professional Services, Impelsys, Ingenta , HighWire Press, Sheridan PubFactory, Silverchair, and Unsilo. On the demand side, we spoke to more than a dozen leading commercial publishers and societies. We also leveraged our own proprietary resources as well as our deep understanding of the sector.

Outsell defines a publishing platform as a technological means of delivering digital content, workflow tools, and added functionality to end users. For this report, Outsell focused mostly on those third-party platform providers specifically targeting STM or those that develop proprietary platforms.


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Why This Topic


Market Drivers

Continuum of Publisher Needs

Usage Data

Platform Providers

Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Author

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Figure 1: Continuum of Publisher Needs, from Content to Community


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Table 1: Platform Providers at a Glance


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