State of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Market

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: July 2, 2018


The usage of AI is a potential game-changer for education in a number of different ways: the use of AI chatbots impact on teaching, adaptive learning solutions as support tools, or altering the role of content providers who turn to AI tools to create and curate content resources automatically. This report examines the actions of key players in the market, the areas of AI which will impact the market soonest and discusses the implications for existing solutions providers as well as for these new AI market entrants. Further, the report analyses the implications of these shifts, and the essential actions required from education solutions providers to remain on the leading edge as the market evolves.


Outsell undertook primary research for this report in the form of interviews with developers of solutions which include an AI element, including traditional publishers, startups, and businesses dedicated to this space. In addition, we spoke to industry experts from academia as well as from solutions providers serving educational markets. We also undertook exhaustive desk-based research, looking at blogs and mainstream press as well as market research reports outlining their activities. These activities, plus our daily dialogue with the market and key stakeholders, informed our opinions and views and led to our identification of the leading innovators in this relatively nascent segment of the market, and our analysis of the key activities of the market incumbents.

Outsell Inc. State of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Market


Why This Market


Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Action

Market Dynamics

Who’s Who in AI Solutions Development?

Profiles: AI in Education

Lessons Learnt

Forecast for Future Adoption

Essential Actions

Related Research

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