Smart Contracts for Legal Professionals

Author: Hugh Logue

Date: March 12, 2018


Smart contracts, as a technology, are ready. Banks and financial institutions are already experimenting with them. Despite the potential for disruption, the legal profession, however, is way behind the adoption curve. That means opportunity for legal solution providers, if they start embracing the tech now.

Which provider will encourage widespread adoption by developing accessible smart contract tools, data feeds, and templates? The Smart Contracts for Legal Professionals report looks at emerging smart contract providers and discusses areas of opportunity and challenges for legal software and information providers. This report also offers readers a deep dive on what smart contracts are and essential actions for legal technology providers looking to make an impact.


This report draws from Outsell’s unique industry metrics and analytics, including our database of more than 8,000 companies. We augmented these assets through personal interviews with several CEOs and division heads among the top players in the market. Those interviews, combined with Outsell’s daily contact with players in the information and legal services industries and the deep industry experience of our analytical staff, helped form our conclusions.

Outsell Inc. Smart Contracts for Legal Professionals

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  • Market drivers
  • Inhibitors
  • Key market opportunities
  • Key smart contract platforms and providers



Why This Topic


Market Definition

Smart Contract Strengths

Smart Contract Weaknesses

Market Drivers

Government Support for Blockchain

Online Disintermediation

Growing Internet of Things

Emergence of Enterprise Smart Contract


Legal Enforceability

Cyber Security

Key Market Opportunities

Financial Services


Legal Services

Real Estate

Supply Chain Logistics

Key Smart Contract Platforms


The Linux Foundation


R3: Corda


10 to Watch

Essential Actions

Related Research

About Outsell


Figures and Tables

Figure 1. Core Lifecycle of a Smart Contract

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