Science, Technology, and Healthcare 2016


Author: Jo McShea

Date: October 3, 2016



Good news for the science, technology, and healthcare sector; with forecasted CAGR of 6.9% from 2013-2019, this segment of the information industry will grow to $125 billion, with the Health Information and Health IT segment leading the growth at 9.5%, followed by Pharma Information & Solutions at 5.6%. With new business models, the growth of open access, and ongoing demand to focus on the needs of researchers and other professionals at the center of the market, there’s ample opportunity for market expansion and disruption with new technologies and infrastructure to support innovation across the space.

Science, Technology and Healthcare 2016 Market Sizing report uses Outsell’s updated definition of this segment to include Scientific & Technical Information and Solutions, Geophysical & Geomapping, Medical Information, Health Information & Health IT and Pharma Information & Solutions. The report offers a detailed analysis of market trends and forecasts for segment growth and performance to 2019 in each of the major categories.

This report is a must-read to capitalize on the market’s future growth. Outsell recommends that firms operating in the space ensure that they look for growth opportunities in monetizing data assets across these traditionally data-intensive sectors and focus on the workflow needs of the research and technical professionals. Innovation is the backbone of this market and growth opportunities are also available to those firms who remain open to partnerships.

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