Real Estate Information Solutions: Disruption is the Name of the Game

Author: Carol Monaco

Date: September 13, 2019


The real estate industry faces many changes and is plagued by uncertainty. New business models and technology combined with an uncertain economic outlook result in more questions than answers for players in both the residential and commercial real estate markets and the information providers that serve them. New technology workflow tools aim to move the industry forward, even though the industry has been slower than most to adopt technology and data-driven workflow solutions.

This report provides information on key market dynamics, competitive trends, and opportunities for growth for information solution leaders interested in expanding in this space. This includes our analysis of how the market is developing and how key information solutions players will respond. We provide analysis and recommendations for CEOs, boards, and investors looking to navigate and drive growth in the complex real estate information solutions market.



Outsell used qualitative research and analysis to create this report. We completed 10 analyst-led interviews covering the sector with professionals on the ground. We included interviews with professionals from a variety of real estate information solutions firms, including data and analytics, online sales, FinTech, and technology.

We also leveraged our database of over 9,000 data, information, and analytics firms that create, aggregate, manipulate, and distribute information, which we augmented with additional secondary research. This analysis was further supported by a deep understanding of information-centric disruptive forces, daily interaction with executives in the information industry, and analysis of products and services that Outsell conducts as part of its advisory services.

Outsell Inc. Real Estate Information Solutions: Disruption is the Name of the Game

Table of Contents

Why Real Estate?


The Real Estate Industry Lifecycle

The Real Estate Information Solutions Space

Outsell Value Chain: Real Estate

Real Estate Information Solutions Drivers and Trends

Market Size, Share, and Forecast

Competitive Trends

Essential Actions

Related Research

Appendix 1: Outsell’s Real Estate Information Solutions Directory

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: Real Estate Lifecyle

Figure 2: Outsell Value Chain: Real Estate


List of Tables

Table 1: Top 10 Real Estate Information Solutions Providers


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