Practices of Best-in-Class Information Management/Corporate Libraries

Author: Amanda Moran

Date: April 13, 2018


Information management (IM) is changing. Some IM centers are growing, while others are scaling back or closing. If this sounds familiar, get this report to find out why a clear, future-focused vision is the key to growth.

Outsell analyzed the roles and responsibilities of best-in-class information management centers to provide an essential benchmark and guide for information leaders on the path to reorganizing for the future.

Download this report to start incorporating best-in-class practices related to reporting structure, funding models, and the changing roles within information management.


This study combines the results of:

  •  A survey of managers and directors of libraries, worldwide, across information management segments, with 217 respondents.
  •  In-depth personal interviews with 40 managers and directors of enterprise information management practices, including those Outsell   defines as best-in-class by their levels of growth and influence within their organizations and within the information management sector.
  •  Original analysis based on the author’s extensive industry experience and daily dialog with the market.

Outsell organized its survey and detailed findings to consider:

  • What are the current pressures driving changes to the organization of information management practices?
  • What are the prevailing changes that information management leaders are making to the organization of their practices?
  • What changes correlate to successful performance and what changes correlate to decline?


What’s Best-in-Class?
Reporting Structure
Funding Models
Physical Presence
Roles and Responsibilities
Essential Actions
Related Research
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