Company Analysis – McGraw Hill

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: September 20, 2018


McGraw-Hill Education (MHE), like its competitors, has work ahead to solidify its business models. Specifically, it needs to drive reliance on the digital tools in which it has invested significantly over the past several years. Read this report to understand the current market dynamics, positioning, competition, company ratings, and essential actions for McGraw-Hill Education.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways 2
Current Market Dynamics 3
Current Positioning 4
Competitive Setting 7
Company Ratings 9
Essential Actions For McGraw-Hill Education 13
Outsell’s Bottom Line 15
Related Research 15
About the Author 16
About Outsell 16

Figures & Tables

Table 1: McGraw-Hill Education At-A-Glance 6

Figure 1: The Digital Transition in Education 8
Figure 2: McGraw-Hill Education – Rating Matrix 10


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