Follow the Money to Protect Revenue: Corporate Counsel Buyer Profile


Author: Hugh Logue

Date: Sept. 20, 2017


Work traditionally performed by external law practices continues to shift in-house, and if legal solution providers want to protect their current revenues, they need to follow the money.

Outsell’s latest report, Follow the Money to Protect Revenue: Corporate Counsel Buyer Profile, paints a clear and detailed picture of corporate counsel professionals across the world, with a focus on their technology needs. New technologies, such as smart contracts and artificial intelligence are creating opportunities to support these professionals in new ways. Despite recent attention, this profession still has several pain points, presenting legal tech vendors with continued runway for growth.

Get our latest report for key recommendations for legal tech vendors, including the need for increased automation tools, leveraging smart contract technology, and developing better cross-border tools as well as insights into opportunities for legal solution providers that want to increase their revenues and market share.



Why This Topic?


Structure of Corporate Legal Departments

General Counsel

Managing Counsel

Senior Counsel

Legal & Regulatory Pressures

Data Protection and Cyber Security

Increased Regulatory Enforcement

Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Increased Global Protectionism

Demand for Technology

Automation of Legal Tasks

Smart Contracts

Shift in Corporate Counsel Role

Increased Influence


Essential Actions

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