The Outsell Information Industry Outlook 2019

Date: October 3, 2018


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Why This Topic

This is the 21st year that we’ve prepared our annual Outlook on trends and predictions that will shape the year ahead, providing guidance and essential actions for the CEOs and teams of data, information, and technology companies zeroing in on their business plans for the coming year.

We also name our annual 50 Companies to Watch: those that exemplify the coming year’s key theme. We select these firms from the Outsell 300 list of emerging companies and industry start-ups that are using analytics at the core of their solutions and are committed to innovations that support enduser decision-making in key workflow applications.

Our 2018 theme was Outperform and Out Sell, the imperative for industry leaders to focus on tactical execution. To navigate in these turbulent times, impeccable operating performance is critical to gaining market share, improving margins, and innovating organically or through M&A, with execution against best practices and benchmark norms the name of the game.

This year our meta-theme is: Trust is the New Algorithm. We publish this Outlook so leaders and their teams can use it as a backdrop to assess their 2019 plans, and in times when uncertainty is the norm, make informed decisions and seize opportunities. We provide essential industry statistics, focus on key trends in motion and, most importantly, identify best practices for optimal performance. Read on to make your plans for the coming year.


Outsell invests millions of dollars every year analyzing all sectors of the industry. We continue to cover sectors and players that are driving growth in the business of data or using it to run their businesses. We track the convergence of all forms of content, data, software, services, and platforms in 30 segments and over 9,300 firms (and increasing every day) within these segments. We provide coverage of major announcements, revenue and business model mix, and growth.

We couple this supply-side analysis with a demand-side perspective, conducting original research among marketers, advertisers, enterprise information buyers, and both professional and consumer end users to follow the money and thereby track and forecast spending trends. We survey CEOs in the industry and members of the Outsell Leadership Community to measure sentiment on an array of topics. We combine this fact-based underpinning with our daily dialog with decision-makers and our 21+ years of tracking and analyzing the industry. Finally, our analytical team convenes to discuss and debate the forecasts, trends, and leading firms to watch. We develop our Outsell 300 and 50 Companies to Watch with a rigorous methodology, scoring these emerging companies on criteria including uniqueness of approach, alignment with market need, ability to scale, and overall potential for growth.

This year’s meta-theme — Trust is the New Algorithm — derives directly from our research and our key analytic takeaway: 2019 and beyond will continue to be not only about executing well, but especially about closing the credibility gap in a world where trust has gone missing — in leaders, in bastions of industry, in social media, in news, and so much more. Trust has never been simultaneously so important and so seriously challenged.


Why This Topic 6

Methodology 7

Industry Growth & Performance 8

Outsell’s 2019 Meta-Theme 10

Trends and Tipping Points 12

CEO Sentiment 16

Knowledge Workers 20

Information Management & Libraries 26

Media & Marketing 30

B2B Media, Business & Company Intelligence 34

Education, Training & Human Capital Management 38

Financial & Risk 42

Legal & Regulatory 46

Discovery & Innovation 50

Companies to Watch 54

Execution Essential Actions 64

Meet the Team 66

About Outsell 67

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