Outsell Growth Framework for the Business of Data, Information & Analytics

Author: Michael Dziekan, Anthea Stratigos, Ned May

Date: January 9, 2019


Today, billions of interconnected people, businesses, and things are generating unprecedented opportunities and challenges for data, information, and analytics companies. Existing providers must know where to position and how to enhance their product development in order to grow revenue and avoid losing business to competitors. Outsell’s Growth Framework provides a proven methodology for executives to use to plan their data, information, and analytics businesses and manage successful product execution. It’s an essential tool for executives and investors to use for operating in the modern era of data, information, and analytics.


Outsell invests millions of dollars every year analyzing all segments of the industry. We cover these segments for buyers, executives operating in the ecosystem, and investors. This report combines:

  • Synthesis from Outsell’s daily contact and interviews with CEOs, CDOs, CPOs/CIOs, and heads of analytics and decision-making data businesses
  • Focus on operating benchmarks and best practices in functional areas key to success
  • Over twenty years of deep historical knowledge covering and serving this industry
  • The deep industry experience of our analysts, as indicated in reports such as Scaling Data Businesses – How They Did It and Signatures of Successful Companies of the Future
  • Analysis of the public disclosures and earnings of data and technology vendors
  • Years of business strategy and product management expertise, taking into account our decades of evolved frameworks, dIPDL methodology, and the continued study of business that has reinforced our earliest thinking

This report draws upon our unique discipline of studying major market components — data/content, technology, and workflow — that, when triangulated, add 360-degree context to our insights into how businesses view, capitalize, and evolve their data and product strategies.

Table of Contents

Why This Topic


The Context: Market Drivers, Trends and Disruption

Step 1 – Know Where the Business is in the Value Chain

Step 2 – Design the Data, Information, and Analytics Business

– Stage 1 – Define Current Business State and Aspirational Goals

– Stage 2 – Analyze Conditions, Trends, and Posture

– Stage 3 – Evaluate Capability

– Stage 4 – Define Market Position Over the Next 1–3 Years

Step 3 – Build and Monetize Data, Information, and Analytics Solutions

– The Importance of Product Management

– dIPDL Stage 1: Design Concept

– dIPDL Stage 2: Build Prototype

– dIPDL Stage 3: Launch MVP

– dIPDL Stage 4: Measure/Manage Performance

Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Authors

About Outsell

List of Figures

Figure 1: Outsell Growth Framework

Figure 2: Example Industry Value Chain

Figure 3: Strategic Business Planning

Figure 4: Outsell dIPDL

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