GAFAM in Education


Author: Kate Worlock

Date: August 23, 2017


How will the activities of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft (GAFAM) impact educational solutions providers ? When identifying which companies could have the greatest impact across the education market these might not be top of mind, but they should be.

Each of these companies has a direct stake in education. Apple and Microsoft have served in the market for almost 40 years, and along with Google, they make up the three players with the most direct investment and involvement. Outsell’s latest report, GAFAM in Education, examines the strategies and initiatives that these players have undertaken, the companies’ activities and impact in various segments of the market (such as hardware, classroom management, productivity tools, curriculum content and professional development), and their stated and underlying strategic drivers.

These large technology players are carving up the education market and have the potential to place rules and restrictions that limit the actions of other providers in the market. Stay on top of changes and learn the essentials to ensure success. Get our report today.



Why These Companies?


Company Activities and Ranking


Classroom Management

Productivity Tools

Curriculum Content

Professional Development


Recent Events

Company Strategic Drivers

Stated Motivations

Unstated Motivations

Why This Matters

Essential Actions

Related Research


Table 1. GAFAM Involvement in Education

Table 2. GAFAM’s Activities in Education

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