Outsell CEO Topic | Benchmarks and Best Practices: 2018 Information Pricing Study


Author: Amanda Moran

Date: Feb. 7, 2018


There is no longer room for error in product packaging and pricing. Flat budgets for information subscriptions are colliding with rising prices — around 3.5%, up from 2.9%. This dynamic is creating heightened pressure for information managers and information providers, alike. The Outsell Benchmarks and Best Practices: 2018 Information Pricing Study delivers support for information providers grappling with tough choices. By helping benchmark pricing practices and by understanding information management budget trends, information providers can avoid pricing and negotiation pitfalls and chart a course toward effective product and customer management for the coming year.

This report provides perspectives from information providers on pricing dynamics and IM budgets as well as key IM strategies and best practices around evaluating and negotiating for content.

For guidance on pricing changes for paid content, a high-level benchmark for library budgets in 2018, and essential actions, download this report.


Why This Topic


Key Findings

Pricing Trends

Content Budget Trends

The Vendor Perspective

Vendors Perceive a Flat Budget Environment

Vendors are Employing Higher Price Increases, Often in Tandem with Added Content or Services

Vendor Perspectives on the Overall Buying Climate

Key Information Management Strategies   

Evaluating Content for Renewal

Negotiating a Better Contract

Cost Management Strategies

Perceptions of Vendors

Essential Actions for Information Managers

Related Research      

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Table 1. Vendor Perception of Buyer Budget Changes

Table 2. Vendor Price Changes — Directional Guidance


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