Online Program Management

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: Nov. 1, 2017


Changing business models and customer demands are altering the size and shape of the OPM market. With that change comes opportunities for OPMs and content providers to work more closely together, taking this from a $1.15 billion market in 2016 to a $3.2 billion market by 2020.

The Outsell Online Program Management report breaks down the size of the OPM market, provides forecasts and insights on the new and established players shaping it, and offers essentials actions for content and solutions providers looking to work with OPM players.

OPM is a key element for driving growth in a post-print world, making this essential reading for content and technology players serving higher education markets. Download this report for a detailed breakdown of the market and insights on the OPM activities of the major players in higher education.


Outsell undertook primary research for this report in the form of seven interviews with OPM providers, as well as with industry experts and solutions providers serving educational markets. We also undertook exhaustive desk-based research, looking at blogs and mainstream press as well as market research reports outlining their activities. These activities, plus our daily dialogue with the market and key stakeholders, informed our opinions and views.

Outsell Inc. Online Program Management


Why This Topic


Defining Online Program Management

Business Models

Market Size & Forecast

OPM Market Dynamics and Growth Trends

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape by Service

Competitive Landscape by Business Model

Shifts in the Competitive Landscape

10 to Watch

Implications for Content Providers

Essential Actions

Related Research



About the Author


Figures & Tables

Figure 1. OPM Market Size and Growth, 2013-2020

Table 1. OPM Providers Leaderboard and Market Share, 2016

Figure 2. OPM Market by Service

Figure 3. OPM Market by Business Model


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