New White Space Opportunities for B2B Business Models

Author: Randy Giusto

Date: November 15, 2019


With the shift towards customer-centric strategies and a higher reliance on first-party data, B2B media businesses must continue to evolve their business models. Those that don’t do so risk stagnation.



As part of this study, Outsell conducted briefings with 14 B2B Media and Business Information companies to get updates to their business model strategies and assess how they evolved over time. This included business units focused on media, events, education, and research and intelligence as well as efforts to provide marketing services, workflow solutions, and data services. We also conducted secondary research to identify business model offerings of similar companies and analyzed major trends impacting these businesses.


Outsell Inc. New White Space Opportunities for B2B Business Models

Table of Contents

Why This Topic

Key Findings


Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: B2B Business Model Components


List of Tables

Table 1: Media Component Layers

Table 2: Events Component Layers

Table 3: Event Services Component Layers

Table 4: Research and Intelligence Component Layers

Table 5: Education Component Layers

Table 6: Marketing Services Component Layers

Table 7: Content Services Component Layers

Table 8: Workflow Solutions Component Layers

Table 9: Data Services Component Layers

Table 10: B2B Media Company M&A Examples

Table 11: B2B Media Company and B2B Data Company Business Models at a Glance

Table 12: Component/Layer Summary


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