Native Advertising Market Size and Best Practices

Author: Barry Parr

Date: January 6, 2016


Outsell estimates that native advertising reached $4.6 billion business in the US in 2016. Of that, companies will spend $700 million on B2B advertising, a 10% increase over 2015. That revenue and growth is not evenly distributed.

Outsell’s Native Advertising Market Size and Best Practices report covers the reasons behind this growth by examining what native advertising is, how the economics of native work in the real world, how media organizations implement native programs, and the major native advertising technology vendors. We also identify what to expect from sales teams, and the tricky relationship between native advertising and editorial teams. We conclude with recommendations for implementing and improving native advertising practices in B2B media.

Media companies have become increasingly interested in native, particularly in response to concerns over ad blocking, frustrations with banner ads, and downward pressure on display CPMs. Native advertising offers benefits that go beyond mitigating these issues and creates an opening to sell more services and longer-term contracts. To learn more, download the report.


Our analysis and recommendations in this report derive principally from 10 interviews with CEOs and executives at native advertising vendors and business-to-business media. Outsell reviewed and took briefings on the capabilities of current native advertising solutions. We interviewed media executives on their familiarity with the native advertising concepts outlined by vendors, how these tools affect their marketing and sales strategies, and how they mitigate the risks of native advertising.

Outsell Inc. Native Advertising Market Size and Best Practices


Table of Contents

Why This Topic?


Defining Native Advertising

Most Native Ads in B2B Media Are In-Feed Units

Other “Native Advertising” Formats

B2B Native Advertising Is Growing Fast

Advertisers Are Still Learning to Use Native Advertising

Selling Native Ads

Native Advertising Is as Varied as the Sites It Runs on

Creating Native Ads

Delivering Native Ads

Editorial Involvement is Critical, But Sensitive

Native Advertising Vendors Are as Varied as Its Formats

The Future of Native Advertising

Essential Actions

Related Research


Tables & Figures

Table 1. US B2B Advertising and Marketing Spending, Ranked by CAGR

Figure 1. Most Effective Components for Content Marketing

Table 2. Native Advertising Technology Vendors


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