Narrative Generation Technologies


Author: Randy Giusto

Date: February 2, 2017


For well over a decade companies have used technology to extract data from the web to populate databases and make data collection and updating faster and more efficient. Over the past five years, new technologies have emerged that enable machines to automate the creation of new forms of narrative text from that data.

Our report, NarrativeGenerationTechnologies, takes a closer look at tools that convert structured and unstructured data into narrative text. It identifies use cases for each technology as well as the leading providers. It covers the following technologies, providers, and application areas or customer segments:

  • Technologies: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), Topographical Data Analysis (TDA), and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (cognitive RPA)

Stay on top of changes, new features, capabilities, and new customer segments that will emerge over the next few years. This report is essential for information industry firms looking to utilize these tools to either augment or add to their existing content workflows.

Table of Contents

Why This Topic?


Outsell’s Automated Content Definition

Narrative Generation Technologies for Text-Focused Output


Machine Learning

Topographical Data Analysis

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation

Narrative Generation Technology Vendors

Future Features and Applications

Essential Actions

Related Research


Table 1 Vendor by Market Segment, 2017

Table 2. Present and Future Features

Table 3. New Customer Segments/Application Areas

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