Messaging and Collaboration in Financial Services

Author: William Jan

Date: January 20, 2017


With the quest to eliminate fraud, insider trading, and market manipulation, regulators have cracked down on chatroom cartels in the banking world. Regulatory pressures, as well as the banks’ desire to comply, are presenting both challenges and opportunities for messaging platform providers to create the next generation of communication tools.

The Messaging and Collaboration in Financial Services report provides an in-depth view of the emerging enterprise instant-messaging (EIM) landscape in financial services. This report highlights key players and several trends that are creating challenges, yet driving opportunities in this space.

With free and low-cost messaging alternatives, now available, desktop providers may just have to re-evaluate their positioning. Get this report to stay on top of disruptive forces and changes in compliance measures in both external and internal messaging and communication.


This report draws extensively from Outsell’s unique industry metrics and analytics, including our proprietary database of over 8,900 companies. We augmented this through personal interviews with CEOs and division heads among the top players in the market and many newer companies in the space. This, combined with Outsell’s daily contact with players in the information industry and the deep industry experience of our analytical staff, helped form our analysis and conclusions.

Outsell Inc. Messaging and Collaboration in Financial Services

Table of Contents

Why This Topic


Market Definition

Market Structure

Market Performance

Market Size

Market Forecast

Forecast Assumptions

Key Trends and Market Drivers

Potential Disruptive Forces

10 to Watch

Essential Actions

Related Research


Table 1. Top EIM & Collaboration Solutions for Financial Services


Figure 1. Global Messaging and Collaboration Market Revenue ($M), 2015-2020


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