Market View: Financial Information and Solutions

Author: Will Jan

Date: July 30, 2020


The impact of COVID-19 has elevated the desire to enhance visibility into the behaviors of people and businesses to drive returns in a volatile market. Stakeholders in the Financial Information and Solutions segment will need to leverage new data to make better decisions in the new normal.


Market Definition and Methodology

Outsell defines Financial Information and Solutions as financial news, financial data/information, regulatory filings, company filings, public records, trading solutions, business intelligence (BI) for financial services, crowdfunding solutions, interbank networks, payment networks, insurance data and information, chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification and continuing education, and credit/bond rating solutions.

Outsell bases the information in this report on a comprehensive and rigorous methodology we developed. This methodology provides financial estimates for the overall market and for specific companies in the ecosystem. Outsell methodology starts with its growing database of over 10,000 global data and information companies, which we assign to all appropriate segments in which they operate.

Outsell uses all publicly available information and its own insight and research with the companies themselves to size each player in the space. We size public companies primarily on their reported results, though we also apply Outsell analysis to further segment and align their revenues according to Outsell’s industry segmentation. We size private companies using the best available information on each company, augmented by our own primary research.

For each market segment, we identify the top 20 largest players in the space (by revenue) in a table. Those companies that derive revenue from multiple segments have their revenue allocated by segment. Only the portion of a provider’s total revenue that is attributed to the subject segment is identified under that company for that segment.


Table of Contents

Why This Segment

Market Definition and Methodology

Market Drivers and Inhibitors

Market Size and Forecast

Competitors at a Glance

10 to Watch


Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: Financial Information and Solutions Market Size & Forecast 2017-2023 ($millions)

Figure 2: Financial Information and Solutions Revenues by Region, 2019


List of Tables

Table 1: Financial Information and Solutions Market Share by Format, 2018-2019

Table 2: Top 20 Financial Information and Solutions Players and Market Share, 2017-19

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