Market Survey: 2020 Information Management Benchmark — Looking Forward with 20/20 Vision

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: May 13, 2020


This report examines the future of information management, where COVID-19 exacerbates change factors that include budget and staffing pressures, rising information costs, and increasing stakeholder demands. Our predicted outlook for information management was already cautionary, and it is now even more severe.



Outsell fielded the 2020 Information Management Benchmark (IMB) survey between October 2019 and February 2020, receiving 86 responses from information managers with budget responsibility for their organizations. We sent invitations to take part in the web-based survey to several distribution lists, listservs, and organizations, such as the Special Libraries Association, Charleston Conference mailing list, American Library Association, Public Library Association, and Outsell’s own database.

Sector segmentations for some questions have lower numbers of respondents; data that has a low base is not fully representative and is directional in nature. We combined our analysis of the data with our ongoing dialogue with vendors and IM professionals and the marketplace at large to form our fact-based opinions and points of view.


Table of Contents

Why This Market?


Key Findings


Essential Actions for Information Managers

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: Survey Respondents by Location

Figure 2: Survey Respondents by Market Sector

Figure 3: Budget Allocation

Figure 4: Biggest Challenges for IM Professionals

Figure 5: Expected Degree of Impact of Technological Developments on Information Services

Figure 6: Expected Degree of Impact of Global Trends on Information Services

Figure 7: Additional Services Provided by Information Centres

Figure 8: Technologies Used in Information Centres


List of Tables

Table 1: Areas Requiring Investment

Table 2: Top Five IM Staff Time Commitments

Table 3: Top Skill Gaps

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