Mapping the DMP Landscape

Author: Barry Parr

Date: August 31, 2016


Data is now the heart of marketing, and data management platforms (DMPs) have become a critical marketing tool. Because of their importance in today’s marketing stack, DMPs received nearly $2 billion in venture funding in the last decade and saw more than $2 billion in acquisitions. However, the market is now mature and fragmented — making it ripe for consolidation.

Mapping the DMP Landscape looks at what DMPs do, how they’re evolving, and the market forces and opportunities behind them. The report also identifies 37 DMPs, including major players Krux, Lotame, MediaMath, Oracle BlueKai, Xaxis, and SAP Exchange Media. It also identifies six emerging players to watch: Adbrain, Adform, Dstillery, PushSpring, Sojern, and TapFwd.

Outsell recommends strategies for media and information companies seeking to partner in this fast-moving and fragmented market, and identifies those companies that are likeliest to be acquired soon.


The research for this report combines in-depth interviews with executives at leading data management platform providers with analysis of marketing tool spending from Outsell’s annual Advertising and Marketing Study. It is further supported by our daily interaction with executives in the information industry and through our analysis of marketing and advertising technology companies and publishers that Outsell tracks as part of our research and advisory services. These activities, plus our daily dialogue with the market and key stakeholders, inform our opinions and views.

Outsell Inc. Mapping the DMP Landscape

Table of Contents:

Why This Segment

  • Methodology

Data Management Platforms
What Does a DMP Do?
Market Drivers and Disruptive Forces
Competitive Landscape
6 to Watch
Essential Actions
Related Research

Tables & Figures

Figure 1. The Relationship of Ad Technology Elements
Table 1. Notable DMP Deals
Table 2. DMP Types

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