Mapping the DSP Landscape

Author: Randy Giusto

Date: Nov. 7, 2017


Programmatic ad buying redefined advertising and has contributed to the recent rise of demand side platforms (DSPs). But the opportunity this created appears short-lived. The DSP segment is now actively consolidating as data, media, and marketing technology companies chase Google, Facebook, and now Amazon.

Outsell’s Mapping the DSP Landscape report takes a close look at how DSP businesses are evolving and the forces driving this change. From $4.8 billion buys to smaller $10 million acquisitions, Outsell looks at this year’s notable DSP deals and reads the tea leaves to give you a better picture of how the DSP business will change, detailing potential buyers and the remaining independent players they’ll target.

This report is essential reading for those seeking to partner with or acquire demand side platform offerings, as well as investors and others who watch this space. Download it today for essential actions.


The research for this report combines in-depth interviews with leading demand side platform and advertising technology providers with analysis of marketer spending from Outsell’s 2017 Advertising and Marketing Study. Further support comes from our daily interaction with executives in the information industry and through our analysis of advertising technology companies and publishers that Outsell tracks as part of our insights and advisory services. These activities, plus our daily dialogue with the market and key stakeholders, inform our opinions and views.

Outsell Inc. Mapping the DSP Landscape


Why This Topic      


Demand Side Platforms Overview

Market Dynamics 

DSP Consolidation

Adtech Empires

Competitive Landscape         

Future M&A

Potential Buyers

Potential Targets

Essential Actions   

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About the Authors 


Figure 1. The Digital Advertising Technology Ecosystem

Figure 2. What does a DSP Do?


Table 1. Notable DSP Deals, 2016-2017

Table 2. The Rise of Empires

Table 3. DSP Types

Table 4. Top 10 Independent Adtech Vendors With DSPs and Other Businesses

Table 5. TAG Certified and MRC Accredited

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