Legal & Regulatory Solutions: 2019

Author: Hugh Logue

Date: June 19, 2019


The Legal & Regulatory Solutions market continued to grow in 2018, albeit at a slightly slower rate than in 2017. There is double-digit growth to be achieved in the right subsegments, such as CourtTech and Automated Legal Services, but other areas are in desperate need of fresh strategies to turn around their flat or downward trajectories.



We base the information in this report on a comprehensive and rigorous methodology that Outsell developed. This methodology provides financial estimates for the overall market, appropriate markets within the overall segment, and specific companies in the ecosystem. Revenue is analyzed in several different ways, including both retrospectively in terms of historical trends, and prospectively via Outsell’s market forecast. We provide growth rates, market share, and, where possible, geographic, revenue source, and format (print versus digital) splits for leading companies within the space. Outsell methodology starts with its database of over 9,000 global media and information companies worldwide. These firms are assigned to all appropriate segments in which they operate.

Outsell uses all publicly available information and its own insight and research with the companies themselves to size each player in the space. We size public companies primarily on their reported results, though we also apply Outsell analysis to further segment and align revenues according to Outsell’s industry segmentation. We size private companies using the best available information on each company, augmented by our own primary research.

For each market segment, we identify the top 20 players in the space by revenue, showing their data in a table. Those companies that derive revenue from multiple segments have their revenue allocated by segment: Only the portion of a provider’s total revenue that is attributed to any particular segment is identified under that company for that segment. The sum of the various segment revenues for a provider equals the company’s total reported/estimated information industry revenue.

Outsell continued its efforts this past year in identifying and researching the market players in the Legal & Regulatory Solutions market. Outsell has also restated companies’ historical revenues to be in line with their adoption of new accounting standards. In doing so, we have revised the revenue figures and other data for some companies and subsegments, and the revenue breakdown, as we continue to improve the accuracy of our estimates.

Outsell Inc. Legal & Regulatory Solutions: 2019


Table of Contents

Why This Market


Market Definition

Key Takeaways

Market Composition

Competitive Market Dynamics


Emerging Competitors

Essential Actions

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: Legal & Regulatory Solutions Revenue by Geographic Region, 2018


List of Tables

Table 1: Legal & Regulatory Solutions Market Size and Forecast ($billions)

Table 2: Legal & Regulatory Solutions Segments Market Size and Forecast ($millions)

Table 3: Top 20 Legal & Regulatory Solutions Players and Market Share, 2016-2018

Table 4: Legal & Regulatory Solutions Revenue by Format ($billions)


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