Legal and Regulatory Professionals Buyer Profile

Author: Hugh Logue

Date: December 9, 2016


 A transformation of the legal profession is currently taking place across the world, driven by economic pressures, technology, and an emerging generation of millennial professionals. This transformation is having a knock-on effect on legal and regulatory solution providers, a market that Outsell estimates to be worth over $22 billion and that has experienced relatively low growth over the last five years.

Legal and Regulatory Professionals Buyer Profile examines different types of buyers of legal information and software and highlights unexpected disparities across the world among legal professionals.

This report outlines the essential actions for information providers serving the legal market in order to know their customers’ evolving behaviours and demands. Once they have identified them, information providers can strategically react and work towards achieving new growth.


In order to understand the needs of legal professionals Outsell has reviewed numerous secondary studies, data, and research produced by bar associations, government bodies, non-profit organizations, market suppliers, and media publications. In reviewing these sources, Outsell has identified and collated the research that is most relevant to legal information and software providers that want to better understand their current and potential customers worldwide. Outsell has supplemented this with its own analysis and insights gained from interviewing industry executives.

This report draws on Outsell proprietary research and numerous secondary resources, studies, and data sources from organizations around the world and focuses on specific research that is relevant to legal information and software providers.

Outsell Inc. Legal and Regulatory Professionals Buyer Profile

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