Learning Science: Driving the Next Generation of Educational Solutions


Author: Kate Worlock

Date: November 28, 2016


Learning science is a broad space, encompassing a range of different academic disciplines. Over the past 15 years, with metastudies pulling together research from multiple disciplines, our understanding of the learning process has greatly improved.

Learning Science: Driving the Next Generation of Educational Solutionsreviews the developments that have taken place in this space and the key, emerging players poised to dominate. The report also dives into two key principles regarding learning and memory:

  1. Spaced repetition
  2. Retrieval practice

These two areas are amongst the most commonly researched because they proved effective and delivered a significant, positive impact on learning early on.

For a solution to successfully achieve its educational goals, companies should use both technology and research to move forward. This report takes a look ahead at some untapped areas of learning science, which could have an impact in the future.

Table of Contents: 

Why This Topic?


Key Areas of Learning Science

Current Applications of Learning Science

Future Applications of Learning Science

Applying Learning Science

Why Do Companies Use Learning Science in Product Development?

What Are the Barriers to Using Learning Science Research?

10 to Watch

Essential Actions

Related Research



Figure 1. What Makes Up Learning Science?

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