K-12 and Higher Education Markets in the Gulf States


Author: Kate Worlock

Date: March 5, 2018


Countries that make up the Gulf States rely on oil for economic wealth and growth. That can’t last forever. Future growth depends on students receiving a broader range of 21st century skills. That means opportunity, and solutions providers don’t want to miss out on it.

Outsell’s latest report, K-12 and Higher Education Markets in the Gulf States, focuses on opportunities for international players, the future of these markets, and why the Gulf States region is a fertile field for experimentation with digital-first models.


Outsell applied its proven mix of expertise and proprietary data to establish our view of this market. We conducted eight interviews with local educators and education bodies, technology vendors, and information providers both international and domestic. We supplemented this primary research with data collected from public filings, annual reports and 10-Ks, investor presentations, government and non-government statistics, and ministries of education. Where public information wasn’t available, we drew from our own informed estimates and the knowledge captured in Outsell’s Information Industry Database. Our recipe finally included a healthy dose of the unparalleled insight we gain through our daily conversations with thought leaders and executives throughout the information industry.

Outsell Inc. K-12 and Higher Education Markets in the Gulf States

Key factors for growth:

  • Young demographic
  • High investment from governments
  • Desire to drive gains by integrating technology in the classroom
  • Need a more broadly skilled workforce
  • Historically low scores on international exams driving desire for solutions that deliver improved learning outcomes

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Market Definition and Structure

Market Size and Segmentation

Market Segmentation

Market Growth Forecast

Market Dynamics and Growth Trends

Competitive Landscape

Key Players to Watch

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1. Gulf States K-12 and Higher Education Market Size, 2012-16

Figure 2: Segmentation of Gulf States Education Market

Figure 3: Total Gulf States K-12 and Higher Education Market Size by Country, 2016

Figure 4: Gulf States Citizens Vs. Non-Citizens in K-12 and Higher Education, 2008-13

Figure 5: Gulf States GDP Growth, 2013-2019

Figure 6: Gulf States Population, 2013-16

Figure 7: Gulf States K-12 and Higher Education Market Forecast by Country, 2016-2020

Table 1: Gulf States Revenues of the Largest International Publishers

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