A Framework for Marketing Services

Author: Randy Giusto

Date: Feb. 28, 2018


It’s time to redefine what marketing services are and what they include.

Marketing shops, media companies, and agencies are shifting how they think about and approach marketing services. It’s about customer lifecycle stages, less about channels.

The latest Outsell report, A Framework for Marketing Services, maps the services and content used at each stage of the journey — for both buyers and customers. Companies looking to generate additional revenue by offering marketing services won’t want to miss this. Companies already on the journey will want to download this report to identify and avoid potential collision points ahead from other types of providers.


This report draws from Outsell’s unique experience in helping companies assess their marketing services opportunity, and in crafting a strategy to develop this new form of revenue. We then augmented this work with discussions held among several CEOs and senior executives that have deployed successful marketing services businesses. Finally, we included relevant marketing services related findings from Outsell’s Annual Advertising and Marketing Study, a survey of 750 US-based consumer and B2B marketers. All of this, combined with Outsell’s daily contact with players in the information industry, and the deep industry experience of our analytical staff, helped inform our conclusions.

Outsell Inc. A Framework for Marketing Services

For guidance on how to adopt a journey-based mindset when thinking about marketing services, get this report.

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