English Language Teaching: A Market On the Brink

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: March 31, 2017


Providing English Language Teaching (ELT) materials and resources to students of all ages learning English, as well as their teachers, is an essential business line for all major educational publishers. A range of influences have come into play that are altering the size and shape of this traditional space.

Our report, English Language Teaching: A Market On the Brink, analyzes the ELT market dynamics, size, and growth. This report also examines valuable opportunities for partnerships and connectivity with assessment solutions to take this market to the next level.

As the ELT market is continuously impacted by the digital age, it is imperative to be prepared for changes. Take advantage of the opportunities emerging in this space with our essential actions and download the report today.


Outsell undertook primary research for this report in the form of 13 interviews with ELT publishers and solutions providers. We also undertook desk-based research, looking at blogs and mainstream press as well as market research reports covering the ELT market. These activities, plus our daily dialogue with the market and key stakeholders, informed our opinions and views.

Given the global nature of the industries we cover, Outsell converts all stated and estimated revenue across different currencies into US dollars. This facilitates comparisons over time and between companies. To make these calculations, Outsell uses the 365-day historical average of published FOREX rates as compared to the US dollar. We apply this methodology consistently to ensure accurate comparisons of results as expressed in US dollars. In 2016, fluctuation in currency rates as compared to the US dollar had an impact in the conversion of reported results, but not to the extent it did in 2015. As an example, for euros, the 2016 the effect was only – 0.3% (it was -16.4% in 2015); for the British pound, 2016 was more severe with a -11.3% change (it was -7.2% in 2015). This 2016 FX effect means that the 2016 revenue of a company with its revenue reported in pounds, and that had zero local growth expressed in pounds, will show a -11.3% growth rate when those same flat local results are expressed in dollars.

Outsell Inc. English Language Teaching: A Market On the Brink

Table of Content

Why This Topic


Market Definition and Structure

Market Size & Forecast

Market Size by Geography

Market Size by Customer Type

ELT Market Dynamics

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape by Customer Type

10 to Watch

Essential Actions

Related Research

About Outsell


Figure 1: English Language Teaching Market Size, 2014-2020

Figure 2. English Language Teaching Market by Geography, 2016

Figure 3. English Language Teaching Market by Customer Type, 2016


Table 1. English Language Training Providers Leaderboard and Market Share, 2016

Table 2. English Language Teaching Market Share by Customer Type, 2016


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