Emerging Players in Regulatory Technology: Transforming the Compliance Industry


Author: William Jan

Date: Nov. 13, 2017


You can draw a straight line between the 10 million pages of regulations created after the 2008 market crash and RegTech. This report looks at how upstarts in this market are transforming the compliance industry.

By taking a closer look at the size, shares, and trends in RegTech, Outsell offers insight into the impact regulatory technology will have on the market as well as advice and essential actions for those seeking to develop, sell, and/or invest.

If you’re an information, technology, or media providers, or invested in the space, download this report to see the growth numbers of the top providers and our projections for how high the market will reach by 2020.



Why This Topic       


Market Definition and Structure

RegTech Defined

Market Structure

Market Dynamics    

New Areas of RegTech Stems into Cyber Space and Reputation

Data-Collection Frenzy Driven by New Tech like Internet of Things (IoT) and Social Media

Lack of Data Quality Remains a Major Barrier

Market Size, Share, and Performance       

Market Forecast

10 to Watch  

Essential Actions      

Related Research


Figures and Tables

Figure 1. Data Business Value Pyramid

Table 1. Top RegTech Providers

Figure 2. RegTech Market, 2015 – 2020


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