ELT Resources Market Size, Share, and Forecast 2018-2023

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: September 9, 2019


Providing English language teaching (ELT) materials and resources to support students of all ages learning English, as well as their teachers, has long been an important business line for the major educational publishers. The status of English as a global lingua franca has continued to drive demand, although there have been shifts in the geographic location of this demand and the importance of the different subsegments.

This report is the latest in a series of market sizing reports looking at the ELT space. This year, Outsell looked at the segmentation of the market by format and found that blended resources dominate the space. ELT has arguably been slower than some other areas of the education market to feel the impact of digital change, but it is now apparent that resources without digital elements are unacceptable to the market.

This report sizes the ELT market and forecasts its growth prospects. It also examines how the definition of ELT is shifting as a range of influences, from digital solutions to global economic imperatives, combine to alter the size and shape of this once very traditional space.


This report draws extensively from Outsell’s unique industry metrics and analytics, including our database of over 9,000 companies. We augment our results by conducting personal interviews with the CEOs and division heads of the top players in the market. We combine this with Outsell’s daily contact with players in the information industry and the deep industry experience of our analytical staff to help form our conclusions.


Outsell Inc. ELT Resources Market Size, Share, and Forecast 2018-2023

Table of Contents

Why This Market?

Market Drivers

Market Inhibitors

Market Size and Forecast

Competitive Landscape

Ten to Watch: ELT Startups

Essential Actions

Outsell’s Bottom Line

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: ELT Market Size and Forecast, 2017-2022 ($millions)

Figure 2: ELT Market by Geographic Region, 2018

Figure 3: ELT Market by Customer Type, 2018

Figure 4: ELT Market by Format, 2018


List of Tables

Table 1: Top 10 ELT Content Providers, 2018

Table 2: ELT Market Share by Customer Type, 2018

Table 3: Comparison of ELT Startups


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