Education, Training, and Human Capital Management 2018

Author: Kate Worlock

Date: July 26, 2018


The education, training, and human capital management (HCM) markets continue to evolve, driven by a perfect storm of factors that include technology disruption, pedagogical evolution, and economic and legal drivers. Longer-term discussions about the future nature of the workplace and the implications for schools and higher education institutions add to these ongoing issues. All these factors have driven the evolution of Outsell’s coverage of the market — from our original focus solely on content providers to now examining solutions providers covering the gamut of content, data, and technology services bought by enterprises, institutions, faculty, and students.

This report includes a detailed analysis of market trends and our forecast for segment growth and performance through 2021 in each of the major categories we cover. It provides a description of the industry, its competitive landscape, disruptive forces and companies, and Outsell’s industry forecast.

The report describes essential actions for companies in this space looking to create revenue opportunities, attract new buyers, and achieve competitive advantage. Equally, it supports those who cover the industry in question and need to understand it better, including suppliers to the industry, software and technology companies working in adjacent markets, investment bankers, private equity, and venture capitalists.


Outsell bases the information in this report on a comprehensive and rigorous methodology that we developed. This methodology provides financial estimates for the overall market both for appropriate markets within the overall segment and for specific companies in the ecosystem. We analyze revenue several ways, including both retrospectively in terms of historical trends, and prospectively via Outsell’s market forecast. We provide growth rates, market share, and, where possible, geographical, revenue source, and format (print versus digital) splits for leading companies within the space. Outsell’s methodology starts with its database of over 8,000 global media and information companies. We include each firm in all segments in which it operates.

Outsell uses all publicly available information and its own insights and research with the companies themselves to size each player in the space. We size public companies primarily on their reported results, though we also apply Outsell analysis to further segment and align their revenues according to Outsell’s industry segmentation. We size private companies using the best available information on each company, augmented by our own primary research.

For each market segment, we identify the 20 largest players in the space (by revenue) in a table. Those companies that derive revenue from multiple segments have only the portion of the provider’s total revenue attributable to the subject segment identified under that company for that segment. The sum of the various segment revenues for a provider equals its total reported or estimated information industry revenue.


Why This Market?


Impact of Currency Conversion

Market Definition

Outsell’s Education, Training & Human Capital Management Segmentation

Key Takeaways

Teaching and Learning Solutions



Emerging Competitors

Education Management Solutions



Emerging Competitors

HR Services and Solutions



Emerging Competitors

Corporate Training



Emerging Competitors

Related Research


Figure 1. Teaching and Learning Solutions Revenue by Geographic Region, 2017

Figure 2. Education Management Solutions Revenue by Geographic Region, 2017

Figure 3. HR Services and Solutions Revenue by Geographic Region, 2017

Figure 4. Corporate Training by Geographic Region, 2017


Table 1. Market Segmentation

Table 2. Education, Training & Human Capital Management Market Size and Forecast

Table 3. Top 20 Teaching and Learning Solutions Players and Market Share, 2015-17

Table 4. Top 20 Education Management Solutions Players and Market Share, 2015-17

Table 5. Top 20 HR Services and Solutions Players and Market Share, 2015-17

Table 6. Top 20 Corporate Training Players and Market Share, 2015-17


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