Data Marketplaces: Market Size, Share Forecast & Trends

Author: Michael Dziekan

Date: December 10, 2019


Data providers and software technology vendors are launching and expanding platforms to capitalize on buyer interests to find, test, and acquire quality data sets to enrich their data-driven solutions. A battleground is unfolding in data marketplace platforms that will determine the winners and losers.

Buyers need to know who is out there, where to go for particular data types, and what platforms best meet business needs. Sellers are exploring channels to bring data assets to market and make them more widely available. Data marketplace platform operators want to better understand the landscape and how their assets and capabilities drive long-term competitiveness. Information managers and librarians are looking to apply the principles of data marketplace platforms to optimize internal data assets with operational efficiency, scale, and greater value to serve their own internal clients.



Outsell’s methodology starts with its robust database of over 9,000 global media and information companies, which are assigned to the appropriate segments in which they operate. Outsell uses all publicly available information and our own insight and research with the companies themselves to size each player in the space. We size public companies primarily on their reported results, though we also apply analysis to further segment and align their revenues according to Outsell’s industry segmentation. We use the best available information on private companies, augmented by our own primary proprietary research, to assess platform characteristics and revenue performance.

To research the data marketplace platform segment and what it means to data, information, and analytics businesses, we chose to analyze the commercial platforms and stack them up competitively while also sizing the market. The data marketplace platforms meeting the essential criteria of Outsell’s definition of a data marketplace that are sampled in this report include ones from the following firms: AggData, BattleFin, Bloomberg, Dawex, DeMyst, Dun & Bradstreet, FactSet, John Snow Labs, Openprise, Pitney Bowes, Quandl (NASDAQ), and S&P Global.

This study combines primary on-the-record vendor research and secondary desk research by Outsell, an assessment of vendors’ public disclosures and earnings, a synthesis of Outsell’s daily contact/interviews with CEOs, CDOs, CPOs/CTOs, and heads of analytics and decision-making in data businesses, and deep knowledge gained from Outsell’s unique, ongoing market analysis history spanning 20+ years.

Outsell Inc. Data Marketplaces: Market Size, Share Forecast & Trends


Table of Contents

Why This Topic


What Is a Data Marketplace?

Data Marketplace Drivers

Data Marketplace Inhibitors

What Buyers Want

Data Marketplace Market Size and Growth

Data Marketplace Provider Rankings

Who Will Win and Why?

Highlights by Company (Alphabetical)

Essential Actions for Data Marketplaces

Essential Actions for Data Sellers

Essential Actions for Data Buyers

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