Competitive Analysis: Top Media, Brand, and Product Measurement Providers

Author: Randy Giusto

Date: November 6, 2019


Demand for brand and product research and measurement services is on the rise as customer experience and emotional marketing capture more and more marketer attention. At the same time, volatility across the largest players in this market is at an all-time high: All but one of the major players are either up for sale or tapping private equity for much-needed capital to jumpstart growth. Who will win and why?



Outsell uses all publicly available information and its own insight and research into the companies themselves to provide revenue estimates for each player. Outsell sizes public companies primarily based on their reported results and private companies using the best available information on each company, augmented by primary research. As part of this analysis, Outsell conducted on-the-record briefings about company strategy, platforms, and go-to-market solutions as well as secondary research to identify major product and service announcements and key partnerships.


Outsell Inc. Competitive Analysis: Top Media, Brand, and Product Measurement Providers

Table of Contents

Why These Companies?

Companies at a Glance

Market Dynamics Driving the Competitive Context

How Well Are the Companies Doing?

Who Will Win and Why?

Essential Actions for Nielsen, Kantar, Ipsos, GfK, and IRI

Essential Actions for Other Competitors

Related Research

About the Author

About Outsell


List of Figures

Figure 1: Market Dynamics Comparison


List of Tables

Table 1: Companies at a Glance

Table 2: Market Dynamics Comparison


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