Company and Contact Information — Moving up the Value Chain

Author: Barry Parr

Date: April 26, 2017


Company and contact information is the fuel that drives modern sales and marketing. In the last decade, the number and variety of data sources has exploded. Meanwhile, venture capital has funded a wide array of analytical and workflow tools for sales and marketing teams.

Our report, Company and Contact Information — Moving up the Value Chain, examines the forces driving commoditization and differentiation in the market, as well as the collision of company and contact information with B2B media. As a result, contact vendors, lead management, data management, predictive analytics, and sales acceleration vendors are increasingly competing in each other’s markets.

What forces are driving this highly competitive market? Be in sync with market trends, provide more value to your data, and differentiate yourself with this essential report.


This report brings together Outsell’s quantitative research and 35 interviews with information services vendors. Our daily interaction with executives in the information industry and analysis of products and services we conduct as part of our research and advisory services further supports this research.

This study draws on findings from our data assets, including 4.5 million data points captured from 11,600 advertisers over 10 years along with profiles of more than 8,900 industry firms that create, aggregate, manipulate, and distribute information. It leverages our annual Advertising and Marketing Study, which guides our insights into consumption, trends among advertisers and marketers, and spending.

Outsell Inc. Company and Contact Information — Moving up the Value Chain

Table of Contents
Why This Topic
Market Definition and Structure
Market Size and Forecast
The Company and Contact Information Value Chain
    Data Collection
    Data Enhancement
    Data Integration
    Data Management
    Predictive Analytics
    Prescriptive Analytics
    User Interface
    CRM Platforms
Rolling Up the Value Chain
Elements of Commoditization
    Quantity Is No Longer a Major Differentiator
    Quality Comes in Many Forms
    Blending Data Lowers Differentiation
    CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms Are Becoming Distributors
    Predictive Is Becoming Ubiquitous
    Prescriptive Belongs on the Platforms
    Vendors Struggle with Differentiation
Customer Trends
    Contacts Are Driving Advertising
    Marketers Will Buy Adverstiseing Using Sales and Marketing Platforms
    Marketing and Sales Stacks Are Too Complex
    Marketing and Sales Are Converging
    Engagement Is Now a KPI
What’s Coming
    Software Is Commoditizing, and Platforms Will be in Control
    Company and Contact Information Is a Service
    Contact Information Is Colliding with Media
    B2B Sales and Marketing Will Continue to Blend
    Sales Acceleration Will Go Full-Stack
    Consolidation Is Inevitable
    LinkedIn Will Take the Lead
10 to Watch
Essential Actions
Related Research
Figure 1. Data Value Pyramid
Figure 2. Company Information Market Size & Growth
Figure 3. Company and Contact Information Value Chain
Figure 4. Vendors Expand Their Value Chain Footprint
Figure 5. New Drivers Transforming the Company Market


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