Company Analysis – Fenergo

Author: Will Jan

Date: March 19, 2019


With geopolitical uncertainty a key catalyst for corruption and fraud in recent years, financial institutions are demanding solutions that enable compliant client onboarding while accelerating client acquisitions. Fenergo is tackling this by unifying know-your-customer (KYC) screening and customer relationship management (CRM) processes to coin the concept of client lifecycle management (CLM) in the context of third-party screening. Its success in this regard serves as a key example to the data, information, and analytics industry of how an effective combination of business processes can yield new opportunities.

Outsell Inc. Company Analysis - Fenergo

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Key Takeaways

Current Market Dynamics

Current Positioning

Fenergo at a Glance

Competitive Setting

Company Ratings

Essential Actions for Fenergo

Outsell’s Bottom Line

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Figure 1: Fenergo Ratings Matrix

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