CEO Topic: Signatures of Successful Companies of the Future


Author: Chuck Richard

Date: February 2, 2016


What if you had a CEO playbook for the next 2-5 years? How would your business be impacted by a play-by-play of steps to successfully perform in today’s market?

Signatures of Successful Companies of the Future provides analysis and insight on how to makeover your product and services mix, revenue models, talent mix, and M&A and partnerships to ensure future success. This study also provides guideposts and scorecard markers that are prerequisites for making these necessary, multi-year changes.

Will your business rank as Best in Class in the next few years? Read our report for the recipe of future success.


  • Why This Topic
  • Methodology
  • Resilient Quantum Laws of Media are Uber Imperatives
  • Quantum Laws of Media
  • Six Corollaries to Quantum Laws of Media
  • FPIs: Future Performance Indicators
  • Essential Business Components
  • Scaling Data-Embedded-in-Workflow Businesses
  • Services
  • E-commerce
  • Demand Generation
  • Events Move to 4Cs = Convergence of Community, Commerce, Content and Certification
  • The Shrinking Case for Portfolio
  • Focused Scale and Hyper-Niche
  • Portfolio Size and Focus
  • Limited Success in Mixing Business Models
  • The Powerful Case of Platform
  • Hyper-scaling
  • Platforms Raise Valuations
  • Leverage from Platforms Fuels Global Growth
  • What’s Measured Changes: What to Measure
  • Essential Actions
  • Related Research

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